Plastic Mug Correct Method

- Aug 08, 2017-

At present, the plastic water cups on the market are various and the quality is uneven. Plastic Mug It is well known that the use of inferior water cups is very harmful to the body, Plastic Mug the following buy plastic nets to share the selection of safe plastic drinking cups the correct way.

Consumers can pick up a cup to smell the smell, through a poor plastic water cup with a pungent plastic or rubber taste, Plastic Mug try not to buy this cup, high-quality plastic water cups, Plastic Mug smell will not have a very special odor.

Water cup body will be marked for use, so the Water Cup to choose "Food" to do, marked with other uses of the Cup as far as possible not to buy use, otherwise it will adversely affect health. Plastic Mug Do not buy plastic cups that are not marked for use.

Regular manufacturers of water cups will be clearly marked with specific manufacturers,Plastic Mug production addresses, distributors, specific contact methods. Plastic Mug and a poor cup of water. The above information is often ambiguous, or there is no such information at all.

Generally legitimate production of the Cup logo has a "QS" production license mark, Plastic Mug although the logo is not decided to the quality of the cup, but the water Cup with this logo can be considered for purchase.

Good quality plastic water cups are not cheap, and easy to dozens of yuan, so very cheap a few yuan plastic cup quality is difficult to guarantee. Can buy in the plastic cup promotion, Plastic Mug can be cheaper. For their own health, or choose high quality and low price.

Buy plastic nets remind you, general plastic products at the bottom have a clear number of signs, used as a water cup is more assured that the number 5 or 7, 5 is pp pp, melting point up to 167 ℃, is the only can be put into the microwave oven plastic products, can be carefully cleaned after re-use. Plastic Mug 7 is PC other class, Plastic Mug common kettle, space Cup, bottle and so on. But this kind of water cup design is not good, after heating very easy release poisonous substance bisphenol A, harmful to human body. Therefore select the bottom number 5 water cup is safer.

The water cup material determines the quality of the Water Cup, Plastic Mug generally speaking, silicone resin is better, followed by polypropylene particles (PP), this kind of material high temperature, low temperature is very strong, the former temperature range is-40 degrees $number degree, the latter is-20 degrees---120 degrees.

Make water cup heat resistant material has pc, Plastic Mug as, PP. TRITAN, Ecozen. PCs are banned in bottles and some European and American space Cup industries. As too crisp, pp cost-effective, environmental protection, transparency and feel bad. TRITAN and Ecozen currently do not have domestic manufacturers in domestic market, Plastic Mug are export orders, is also environmentally friendly, Plastic Mug do not contain BPA, transparency and touch and PC, high prices, daily use of PP can, or with glass.