Plastic Mug Different Kinds Of

- Jun 02, 2017-

Plastic Mug Make water cup heat resistant material has Pc As. Tritan, Ecozen. PCs are banned in bottles and some European and American space Cup industries. Plastic Mug As too crisp, pp cost-effective, environmental protection, transparency and feel bad. Tritan and Ecozen currently do not have domestic manufacturers in domestic market, are export orders, is also environmentally friendly, do not contain BPA, Plastic Mug transparency and touch and PC, high prices, daily use of PP can, or with glass.

General plastic cups (bottles) at the bottom of the triangle with an arrowhead with an arrow to reclaim the identity, the triangle has 1 to 7 different numbers. Plastic Mug Different numbers represent different kinds of plastics. Different types of plastic materials, different properties, the use of conditions and range is also different. We can figure out what the plastic cups are on our hands through the numbers in this logo.

It is only heat-resistant to 70 Shan, Plastic Mug only suitable for warm drink or cold drinks, high temperature liquid or heat is easy to deform, can lead to harmful substances in the human body, scientists found that the plastic products after 10 months, it may release carcinogens, Plastic Mug toxicity to the human body. As a result, the beverage bottles are discarded and not used as water cups.

Mainly used in the production of cleaning agents, shampoo, bath milk, edible oil, pesticides and other containers

Low melting point is not suitable for loading high-temperature liquids. These containers are usually not clean, easy to become a hotbed of bacteria, preferably not recycled.

Good plasticity, cheap, repeated use of easy to let the toxic plasticizer accelerated dissolution into the environment or food caused by human health hazards. Rarely used in food packaging, Plastic Mug this material is prone to produce harmful substances at high temperatures, even in the process of manufacturing it will be released.

LDPE heat resistance is not strong, Plastic Mug the production of this material is usually in the temperature of more than 110 degrees will appear hot melt phenomenon, will leave some of the human body can not be decomposed plastic preparations, so do not use fresh-wrap wrap in the food on the surface of the microwave heating.

Plastic containers made of PP materials with a melting point of up to 167 Shan are the only plastic boxes that can be put into a microwave oven. And can be reused after careful cleaning. Plastic Mug But it is necessary to note that some microwave oven meal box, Box body to 5th PP Manufacturing, the lid is no. 1th PE manufacturing, because PE can not withstand high temperature, it can not be placed in the microwave oven with the box body.

The material can not be placed in the microwave oven, can not be used to install strong acid (such as orange juice), the strength of alkaline substances, will break down the human body harmful polystyrene, easy to cancer, used to pack food do not pack hot food.