Plastic Mug Drink Hot Water To Cause Harm

- Nov 02, 2017-

Plastic cups refer to disposable containers for drinks and tea. Belong to non-degradable products, is the "white pollution" the main source. The largest use of disposable plastic cups is generally the beverage shop, hot and cold drinks shop, milk tea shop, hotel, restaurant and coffee shop, providing a variety of plastic cups with drinks and live use.

Long time with a plastic cup to drink hot water will be harmful to the body it?

1, a lot of plastic points, the beginning of the face to ask if there is no harm is difficult to say, the plastic into ceramic, glass or metal, the answer is the same, there may be, so no meaning;

2, a long time and no hot water, then make yourself smart, understood as repeated use for more than three months and boiling water, so good contrast, because if you use more than two years, it is recommended to use glass and ceramics, plastic aging problems ;

3, in accordance with the above criteria, there are several kinds of plastic can be used, PP (5), HDPE (2) and imitation porcelain plastic, of which the first PP in the food industry is the most common, is the microwave for plastic During the processing, they will not contain excess of harmful substances;

4, the main cause of concern is the No. 1 plastic PET and 7 plastic PC, PET is the mineral water bottle, heat will become soft, it looks very dangerous, but it does not matter; PC problem is bisphenol A, but rational In fact, the real release of bisphenol A is also not affect the health of adults, but the existing evidence that the baby is more sensitive to bisphenol A, recommended less use of pregnant women.

5, the common plastic there is a PS polystyrene, that is, foam lunch box material, the aircraft on the beverage cup is generally, in theory, it is not suitable for long-term use, because the aging resistance is worse; so the conclusion is Some plastic for a long time hot water is no problem, some need to be careful. The following are included:

6, choose the benefits of plastic. Many people asked me why I would recommend plastic, I think that humans still have this just need, such as hospitals, gymnasium and other public places, there are disabled at home, glass and ceramic containers after the break is very Dangerous, and metal problems are more, so there is still a great advantage of plastic containers, we really have to admit that the existence of plastic hidden dangers than traditional materials more, but this is not only a few years ago, aluminum pot early It is found that the human body is not good to now people still in use, not to mention the contemporary plastic than three decades ago, too much.

7, plasticizer and the like to note that the normal contact with plastic products are plasticizer, and only PVC plastic need plasticizer, so only need to pay attention to plastic wrap, do not mention plastic is plasticizer. Also, plasticizer carcinogenic teratogenic is not what has been proved, the toxicity is very low, are still in the research stage, there are no problems found, we denounce it because the unscrupulous businessmen in Taiwan when it Food additives directly into the beverage down, this is not the wrong plasticizer. 8, plastic products, the biggest problem is the recovery of the material, because I do not know what this material is a toilet brush or hair syringe tube, in short, think enough is enough. The media and its daily neurosis, said that there is also found in a plasticizer inside (the two days actually said that wallpaper with plasticizer problems, plasticizer at room temperature is extremely volatile, posted the wallpaper is to lick it), not as good as Spend some thought on the investigation of waste oil as the investigation of the whereabouts of waste plastics.