Plastic Mug Importance

- Aug 23, 2017-

Disposable plastic cup, as the name suggests is a one-time, can not be used repeatedly. But life often runs counter to. Many people to drink the mineral water bottles, disposable plastic cups are not eat is to eat, and some have spent two or three years. Imagine the importance of disposable plastic cups in our lives.

In our daily life, disposable plastic cups, disposable plastic cups, disposable plastic bowls and straws are one of the daily necessities of the general public, and people should be unfamiliar with it. I do not know when it has entered our lives Among them, such as milk tea shop with a variety of drinks cup is a one-time plastic cup, straw is also a variety of essential equipment, one of the tea shop is a one-time plastic bowl.

Home or the company will prepare a one-time plastic cup, when the guests can come when the tea reception. Our life has been inseparable from the existence of disposable plastic, and glass containers compared to plastic light is not afraid of bumps; and metal containers compared to low plastic prices; and paper containers compared to plastic waterproof leak-proof, better carrying , Plastic products to our lives has brought great convenience, but at the same time people also return to the disposable plastic cup safety question.

Plastic is often added with plasticizers, which contain some toxic chemicals, plastic cups with hot water or boiling water when the toxic chemicals are easily diluted into the water, and the internal microstructure of plastic has a lot of pores, of which Hidden dirt, cleaning is not easy to breed bacteria. Therefore, in the purchase of plastic cup, we must choose in line with national standards of food grade plastic cup.

How to buy a high cost of disposable plastic cup?

Product packaging should indicate the name of the manufacturer, address, product implementation standards, production date, validity, etc., these are the primary premise.

Second, the bag should be fully closed, should not be damaged. In accordance with the standards of national quality supervision departments and health and health knowledge, disposable plastic cup shape should be crisp, should not be deformed, the cup body is not good cup hand is very soft, into the water or drink, the end up Will be seriously deformed, or even not up.

In addition, the consumer in the choice of the appropriate check the appearance of the hand can be gently squeezed on both sides of the cup, you can generally know the cup body stiffness is good or bad. If consumers feel that the price of disposable plastic cups is too high, you can carry out multi-brand comparison with the specifications, choose their own to withstand the brand.