Plastic Mug Improved And Better System Control

- Oct 17, 2017-

I use plastic cups every day to make tea and drink, this is really good, in fact, to tell the truth, every time I drink tea is a taste, that is to change the tea, is the same, I think a lot of friends have the same experience with me, morning work bubble the first cup of tea is always a plastic taste, today is so, Plastic Mug every time is decisive to pour out the first cup of tea,

Holding a curiosity to surf the internet, the result: or less used as a good, as long as the plastic will add some phthalate esters (plasticizer) to facilitate processing and molding, there is the production process brought into. The solubility of phthalic acid esters increases with the increase of temperature, which is more obvious than water in oil.

And some plastic cups have qualified signs but plastic cups contain a lot of chemical ingredients, tea is rich in theophylline, tea are high-temperature brewing, Plastic Mug theophylline in the high temperature has a mild corrosion of plastic, the general plastic cup in the high temperature prone to emit cups of potential chemicals on the human body caused harm, If it is used to soak the tea, it will aggravate chemical constituents and even chemical effects, plastic encounter heat will produce toxic substances, plastic in the high temperature will break down the thick plastic taste, tea generally need more than 80 degrees of water brewing to run out of the original tea, and put in the plastic cup brewing, The taste of the plastic cup released will spoil the taste of the tea, Plastic Mug so it is best not to brew it with a plastic cup. So it is advisable to buy a cup of tea in a large shopping mall or to buy a glass cup.

The system can greatly improve the production efficiency, Plastic Mug save the monthly nozzle maintenance time, while saving more than 15% of emulsified silicone oil consumption, can quickly recover the cost of investment. Secondly, the improvement of nozzle efficiency and better system control eliminates the printing problem caused by ejection agent spraying and reduces the defective rate. In addition, Plastic Mug the improvement of transmission efficiency, accurate intermittent spraying eliminates the phenomenon of fog and dripping, thus improving the cleanliness and safety of the working environment.