Plastic Mug Is It Suitable For Making Tea?

- Jun 30, 2017-

Plastic Mug Today, contemporary society is like drinking tea is more and more, Plastic Mug but not all people who love tea are so idle, you can have time to sit down and enjoy a whole tea ceremony to tea, more of all office workers Tea people, they work boring, only a cup of tea to moisturize the throat, Plastic Mug but more is to use plastic cups of tea, then the question came: plastic cup is really suitable for tea?

I use tea cups every day to drink, so really ok, Plastic Mug in fact, tell the truth, every time I drink tea is a taste, even for the tea, is the same, I think a lot of friends have the same with me Encounter it, the morning work to drink the first cup of tea there is always a plastic taste, and today is also the case, every time decisive drained the first cup of tea,

Holding curiosity online to find out what the results: or less used as well, as long as the plastic will add some phthalate esters (plasticizer) to facilitate processing molding, there is the production process into. The solubility of phthalates increases with increasing temperature, Plastic Mug and the solubility in oils and fats is greater than that of water. Some plastic cups are qualified, but the plastic cup contains many chemical ingredients. The tea is rich in theophylline, tea Are the high temperature brewing, theophylline in the high temperature of the role of mildly corrosive plastic, plastic cups at high temperatures are easy to distribute Plastic Mug the cup of potential chemical substances cause harm to the human body, if used to soak tea then it will increase the chemical composition Or even a chemical effect, the plastic heat will produce toxic substances, Plastic Mug plastic case of high temperature will break down a thick plastic taste, tea generally need more than 80 degrees of water to brew tea out of the original flavor, and put Brewed in the plastic cup, the plastic cup to release the taste to a large extent will destroy the taste of tea, so to tea, Plastic Mug it is best not to use the plastic cup brewing. So it is recommended to cup cup plastic cup is best in the large shopping malls to buy a better cup, or buy a glass.