Plastic Mug The Quality Of Good Or Bad

- Aug 16, 2017-

Consumers in the purchase, you can pick up the cup to smell the smell, Plastic Mug through the poor plastic glass with pungent plastic taste or rubber taste, Plastic Mug try not to buy this cup; high-quality plastic cup, smell will not have Special smell.

Cup cup will be marked with the purpose, Plastic Mug so the cup to choose "food" for the job, marked with other uses of the cup as far as possible not to buy use, otherwise it will adversely affect health. Do not buy plastic cups without marking.

Regular manufacturers of the cup will be clearly marked the specific manufacturer, production address, distributors, specific contact and so on. The inferior information is often ambiguous, Plastic Mug or there is no similar information at all.

Generally the legitimate production of the cup will be marked with "QS" production license mark, although the logo is not to determine the quality of the cup is good or bad, Plastic Mug but there is a sign of the cup to consider buying.

Good quality plastic cup is not cheap, easily on the tens of dollars, so very cheap a few dollars the quality of plastic cup is difficult to guarantee. You can buy in the plastic cup to buy, Plastic Mug can be cheaper. For their own health, or choose quality and cheap.

Buy plastic network to remind you that the general plastic products at the bottom of a clear number is marked for the cup is more assured that the number 5 or 7,5 is PP polypropylene, Plastic Mug the melting point of up to 167 ℃, is the only microwave can be put into the plastic The product can be reused after careful cleaning. 7 is a PC other class, common kettle, space cup, bottle and so on. But this type of cup design is not good, it is easy to release after the release of toxic substances bisphenol A, harmful to humans. Plastic Mug So choose the bottom number 5 of the cup is relatively safe.

The material of the cup determines the quality of the cup is good or bad, in general, silicone resin is better, followed by polypropylene particles (pp), such materials are high temperature, Plastic Mug low temperature are very strong, the former temperature range is - 40 degrees --- 200 degrees, the latter is -20 degrees --- 120 degrees.

1, usually used one-time cup for the PE, Plastic Mug its soft, not high temperature, installed when the water will become soft, long-term installation of water may cause plastic decomposition and produce harmful substances on the human body.

2, PP material of the cup can be filled with boiling water,Plastic Mug long-term use; tea is not recommended.

3, PC long-term dressing hot water will secrete bisphenol A substances, the reproductive system has an impact, will lead to precocious puberty; European baby bottles have been banned the use of PC material.

4, PET material cups common in beverage bottles, Plastic Mug such as Pepsi and Coca-Cola commonly used plastic bottles that is PET material, not suitable for hot water,Plastic Mug will secrete bisphenol A substances and other substances harmful to the human body.