Plastic Mug Very Common

- Jul 24, 2017-

Plastic cups are very common in our daily lives and meet everyone's needs for a convenient life. Plastic Mug With the continuous expansion of the industry market, Plastic Mug enterprises in the product automation of large-scale production process also appeared in some urgent problems.

A foreign production of disposable thermoformed plastic cup benchmarking enterprises, need to shape the plastic cup, Plastic Mug in its surface coated with a thin layer of emulsion silicone oil to prevent the product in the packaging process sticky. The customer's initial process was to immerse the plastic sheet in the release agent before the plastic cup was formed, and the effect of using the PLC-based spray system was less than ideal.

Due to the slow reaction time of the system, the time delay of the shut-off valve leads to the over-spraying of the releasing agent, Plastic Mug which not only causes the waste of the release agent to be serious, but also delays the downstream printing. At the same time due to the quality of the nozzle, Plastic Mug often need to repair, working environment mist serious phenomenon, the nozzle of the excessive dripping lead to the production area of the floor slippery.

The system can greatly improve production efficiency, eliminating the maintenance time of the monthly nozzle, while saving more than 15% of the consumption of emulsified silicone oil, Plastic Mug can quickly recover the investment costs. Second, the improvement of the nozzle efficiency and better system control eliminates the printing problems caused by the release of the release agent and reduces the defective rate. In addition, the improved efficiency of transmission, accurate intermittent spraying to eliminate the mist and drip phenomenon, Plastic Mug thereby enhancing the working environment of cleanliness and safety.

Consumers in the purchase, you can pick up the cup to smell the smell, through the poor plastic glass with pungent plastic taste or rubber taste, try not to buy this cup; high-quality plastic cup, Plastic Mug smell will not have Special smell.

Cup cup will be marked with the purpose, Plastic Mug so the cup to choose "food" for the job, marked with other uses of the cup as far as possible not to buy use, otherwise it will adversely affect health. Do not buy plastic cups without marking.

Regular manufacturers of the cup will be clearly marked the specific manufacturer, production address, distributors, specific contact and so on. The inferior information is often ambiguous, or there is no similar information at all

Generally the legitimate production of the cup will be marked with "QS" production license mark, although the logo is not to determine the quality of the cup is good or bad, Plastic Mug but there is a sign of the cup to consider buying.

Good quality plastic cup is not cheap, easily on the tens of dollars, so very cheap a few dollars the quality of plastic cup is difficult to guarantee. You can buy in the plastic cup to buy, can be cheaper. For their own health, or choose quality and cheap.

Buy plastic network to remind you that the general plastic products at the bottom of a clear number is marked for the cup is more assured that the number 5 or 7,5 is PP polypropylene, the melting point of up to 167 ℃, is the only microwave can be put into the plastic The product can be reused after careful cleaning.Plastic Mug 7 is a PC other class, common kettle, space cup, bottle and so on. But this type of cup design is not good, Plastic Mug it is easy to release after the release of toxic substances bisphenol A, harmful to humans. Plastic Mug So choose the bottom number 5 of the cup is relatively safe.

The material of the cup determines the quality of the cup is good or bad, in general, silicone resin is better, followed by polypropylene particles (pp),Plastic Mug such materials are high temperature, low temperature are very strong, the former temperature range is - 40 degrees --- 200 degrees, the latter is -20 degrees --- 120 degrees.