Plating Process

- Aug 12, 2019-

   Electroplating is the process of laying a layer of metal on a conductive body based on the principle of electrolysis.Electroplating refers to a surface processing method in which the base metal of the pre-gold-plated group is deposited on the surface of the base metal by electrolysis in the solution of salt containing pre-gold-plated group.

   The properties of the coating are different from those of the base metal.According to the function of the coating is divided into protective coating, decorative coating and other functional coating.

    Electroplating, coating metal or other insoluble materials as an anode, the workpiece to be plated as a cathode, coating metal cation on the surface of the workpiece is reduced to form a coating.Can enhance the corrosion resistance of metal (coating metal corrosion resistant metal), increase hardness, prevent abrasion, improve electrical conductivity, smoothness, heat resistance and beautiful surface.