Selection Of Plastics & Selection Of Water Cup

- Feb 14, 2020-

Try to choose large or regular shopping malls, supermarkets to buy plastic drinking cups, should not be greedy for cheap. Taking polycarbonate (PC) plastic drinking cup as an example, it is not standardized to process. The cup with rough material will release bisphenol A during the process of holding hot water, and the higher the temperature is, the more the release quantity is, the faster the release speed is, which is harmful to human health. Regular sellers will check the production license, food hygiene inspection report and relevant qualification certificates of plastic drinking cup manufacturers. The products of well-known enterprises or regular enterprises shall be selected as far as possible. The harmful substances such as free phenol, acrylonitrile monomer and residues that are easy to appear in the plastic resin shall have the content limited by the compulsory national health standard. The products produced by the enterprises must meet the limit requirements, and the products that pass the inspection can be sold out of the factory.

Smell. Inferior products have pungent smell (peculiar smell).

Check the appearance for defects or flaws.

1. The cup body is free of cracks and notches.

2. The surface is smooth and free of scratches and flash, and the inner wall is free of obvious scars and scratches.

3. The cup body has no obvious water absorption lines, bubbles, bright and clean color, and no obvious impurities.

4. The cup body shall be free of stains and precipitates.

5. The printing font and pattern shall be clear and complete without obvious fading, error and other defects. [5]

Summary: knock on the blackboard and draw the key points:

1. Different plastic materials shall be used according to regulations;

2. Although PC plastic cup may have bisphenol A, it will not decompose bisphenol a when it is used under the specified upper temperature limit;

3. PC material has been banned for infant food packaging and milk bottle products;

4. Attention shall be paid to the integrity of place, smell and appearance during selection, and use according to regulations.

I hope that through the content of this time, I can give you a reassurance. The PC plastic cup produced by regular manufacturers will not cause harm to human body when it is used under the specified online temperature. Of course, if you are really worried, you can consider replacing ceramic cup and glass cup.