Stainless Steel Vacuum Flasks Very Demanding

- Nov 03, 2017-

Vacuum bottles are one of the main types of cosmetic packaging materials, Stainless Steel Vacuum Flasks the market is the vacuum flask is made of a cylindrical oval body with a piston placed at the bottom of the composition. Its design principle is to use the spring of the contractile force, and not let the air into the bottle, Stainless Steel Vacuum Flasks causing a vacuum state, and the use of atmospheric pressure to promote the bottom of the piston forward. However, due to the spring force and atmospheric pressure can not give enough force, so the piston can not be too tight fit with the bottle wall, or the piston will not be able to rise due to excessive drag forward; the other hand, if you want to make the piston easy to advance and prone to leakage, Therefore, Stainless Steel Vacuum Flasks the vacuum flask on the manufacturer's professional requirements are very high.

1, the appearance: vacuum bottles, emulsion caps should be complete, smooth, no cracks, burrs, deformation, oil, shrink, thread clear, full; vacuum bottles, Stainless Steel Vacuum Flasks bottle bottles should be complete, smooth, smooth, , Thread full, no burr, holes, no obvious scars, stains, deformation, no obvious dislocation of the mold line. Transparent bottles should be transparent and clear.

2, cleanliness: clean inside and outside, no free pollution, no ink stains pollution.

3, packaging: packaging cartons shall not be dirty and damaged, the box should be lined with plastic protective bag, easy to scratch the bottle, cover the packaging should be to avoid scratches prevail. Each box a fixed number of packaging, with tape "workers" shaped seal, not mixed. Each batch of shipments with factory inspection report card, carton identification name, specifications, quantity, date of production, Stainless Steel Vacuum Flasks manufacturers and other content, must be clearly visible

1, color: color uniformity, in line with the provisions of the color or in the color seal within the package.

2, the surface adhesion: vacuum bottles, emulsion bottle appearance paint, electroplating, bronzing, printing, with 3M810 test tape cover printing and bronzing (silver) parts, smooth, so that the cover parts without bubbles, stay 1 minute, 45 °, and then quickly torn off, stripping area of less than 15%

3, printing and bronzing (silver): the font and pattern should be correct, clear, uniform, no obvious skew, dislocation, defect; bronzing (silver) should be complete, Stainless Steel Vacuum Flasks no leakage, dislocation, no obvious stack or jagged.

4, with the disinfection of alcohol soaked gauze in the printing site to wipe back and forth twice, no printing bleaching and bronzing (silver) off phenomenon.

Sealing test requirements: The product container into the 3/4 of colored water, the closure of the closure of the bottle, pour into the vacuum leak detector within the absorbent paper, the pressure is adjusted to -0.05MPa ± 0.01 MPa, packing Time should be 5 minutes without leakage phenomenon., Stainless Steel Vacuum Flasks Vacuum bottles, latex bottles in the vacuum leak detector -0.04MPA (about 305mm HG column), holding pressure 5 minutes no leakage phenomenon.

Screw Torsion: The assembled bottle or jar is fixed on the torque instrument special fixture, rotate the cover by hand to display the data on the torque meter, Stainless Steel Vacuum Flasks to achieve the required test force; Stainless Steel Vacuum Flasks the corresponding thread diameter should meet the normative Table provisions. Stainless Steel Vacuum Flasks Vacuum bottles, latex bottles where the screw to withstand the provisions of the rotating torque value without sliding phenomenon.