[Tea Tasting] Can A Plastic Cup Make Tea?

- Aug 26, 2020-

Nowadays, there are more and more people who love tea in contemporary society, but not all people who love tea are so idle. They can have time to sit down and enjoy the whole tea ceremony process to taste tea. Most of them are office workers. Tea shoppers, work is boring and boring. They can only make a cup of tea to moisturize their throats, but more often use plastic cups to make tea. So the question is: Are plastic tea cups really suitable for making tea?

I had a whim today. I use a plastic cup to make tea every day. Is this really good? To be honest, every time I drink tea, it tastes the same. Even if I change the tea, it is the same. I think many friends I have the same experience as me. The first cup of tea brewed at work in the morning always has a plastic smell, and it is the same today. Every time I emptied the first cup of tea decisively.

I was curious to find out on the Internet, and the result: it is better to use less, as long as it is plastic, some phthalate substances (plasticizer) will be added to facilitate processing and molding, and it is brought in during the production process. The solubility of phthalate esters increases obviously with the increase of temperature, and the solubility in grease is greater than that of water.

In addition, although some plastic teacups have qualified marks, they contain many chemical components. Tea is rich in theophylline. Tea is brewed at high temperature. Theophylline slightly corrodes plastics at high temperatures. General plastic teacups Potential chemical substances in the cup are easy to emit at high temperatures and cause harm to the human body. If it is used to steep tea, it will increase the chemical components and some even have chemical effects. Plastics will produce toxic substances when exposed to heat, and plastics will decompose when exposed to high temperatures. Strong plastic smell.

Tea leaves generally need to be brewed with water above 80 degrees to get the original flavor of the tea. When brewing in a plastic cup, the flavor released by the plastic cup will largely destroy the flavor of the tea.

Therefore, it is best not to use plastic cups for making tea. Therefore, it is recommended that tea cups and plastic cups are best purchased in large shopping malls, or buy glass cups.