Very Inconspicuous Straw, Actually A Big Business

- Nov 30, 2019-

There is one thing, although inconspicuous, but it appears very frequently in girls' selfies. You flipped through your circle of friends. Are there any girls who like to take a cup of drinks in those selfies that are light and quiet? Are there always straws in the cup?

There are, of course, more extreme examples. In the previous two years, the French "Le Figaro" reported that the second generation of rich Chinese students in North America. Among them, girls like drinking high-priced red wine and drinking with a straw to avoid staining their teeth. This move was criticized as vicious.

A small straw is now a necessity for humans. Most of the milk, yogurt, and drinks in the supermarket are equipped with straws. Drinks in restaurants and cafes are also standard. It is said that humans consume hundreds of billion straws a year.

The straw in the modern sense was invented by American Marvin Stone in 1888. In the 19th century, Americans liked to drink cold fragrant wine. In order to avoid the heat in the mouth and reduce the coldness of the wine, people did not want to drink directly with their mouths, but instead drank it with hollow natural straw. But the natural straw is not only easy to break, but also has a green and astringent taste, which will penetrate into the wine and affect the flavor. Marvin Stone, a cigarette maker, took inspiration from cigarettes and made a paper straw. Of course, the paper straw will not break, and there is no strange smell of straw. So people use it not only when they drink light perfume, but also when they drink other cool drinks. As the "father of modern straws", Marvin Stone's invention is not only effective, but also very humane. The thickness is just enough to prevent drinkers from swallowing lemon seeds.

Of course, paper straws also have weaknesses. After all, they are made of paper, and even with wax as a waterproof coating, they are not so durable. Compared to paper straws, plastic straws are inherently impermeable to water, can be thinner and lighter, and can be manufactured at lower cost. And plastic is extremely malleable, allowing straws to make a variety of interesting shapes and colors. Therefore, plastic straws swept the world. It is considered a great invention that, in addition to the convenience of drinking, also effectively reduces the incidence of tooth decay.

Plastic straws are the product of modern human civilization. The wheat straw previously used by Americans, as well as the same hollow reed stems, are "old straws" used by ancient humans.