What Are The Advantages Of Living Porcelain Mugs

- Aug 18, 2018-

The living porcelain cup is the active water Porcelain Mugs, pH value is weakly alkaline. Tea made with living porcelain cup will become good throat charm. De-astringent taste makes the taste smooth and mellow. It is the favorite of tea tasters. Living Porcelain Maintenance Method; Far Infrared Ray has the characteristics of adsorption, so after using the living porcelain cup, please be sure to clean the scale, tea scale, lest affect the function of the living porcelain cup; as long as the glaze surface of the living porcelain is not destroyed and used healthier!

It is understood that living porcelain is made of more than 20 kinds of mineral elements, oxidized metals and ceramic raw materials. It is the best material for far infrared conversion materials. Far infrared function released by living porcelain can change large water molecules into small molecules of water, improve the body's absorption of water, enhance immunity. Living porcelain not only makes wine and beverages instantly delicious, but also keeps food longer, and activates cells in the body. It can also eliminate toxins and heavy metals in the body, promote blood circulation, help metabolism, beauty, make people not easy to aging, improve allergic skin, reduce hypertension, eliminate pain and fatigue.

The water treated by living porcelain can keep food fresh and inhibit bacterial reproduction. It can also eliminate the odor in refrigerator and shoes. At present, many porcelain factories have introduced living porcelain bonsai, which can not only improve the environmental magnetic field, purify the air and isolate electromagnetic waves, but also enhance the energy of the residential environment and regulate the indoor air humidity. At present, living porcelain glaze is also made into small decorative accessories, wearing on the body is not only beautiful, health care, but also beauty.


Speaking of living porcelain, people who have heard of it may only know that it is only a health promoting function. It is well known that living porcelain with rare elements not only has a substantial health effect on tea tasting and drinking water health, but also has the function of optimizing water quality, aging ordinary liquor and rice wine, and increasing food delicacy.

Of course, it is so magical that it can also provide ornamental fish, balcony flowers and plants for glass jars.

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