What Is Bamboo Powder Products And Its Preparation Method

- Jun 14, 2019-

    China patent no. CN1130159 discloses a product containing bamboo powder as an effective ingredient, which refers to the bamboo powder that is processed into fine powder in appropriate amount in the raw materials of cement, sand, small stone particles, wood slurry, granular organic fertilizer, water and other products.The product is used for road floor drainage materials, building materials, paper sheets, scientific organic fertilizer, deodorant and antibacterial solution, etc.

     Chinese patent number 101209566 released a public bamboo powder bamboo plant polymerizer bamboo plate material, the method of using is rich in algin Marine plant's growth and starch, according to the proportion of mixed heating, heat preservation, condensed into stick colloid, dry processing, powder into the mill, packaging made from plant-based polymerizer.Using bamboo processing bamboo powder, long and end bamboo skewers.The above raw materials are loaded into the mixing tank in proportion, after adding appropriate amount of water to mix evenly, they are injected into the hot press molding machine, pressed into plates or strips, cut and decorated on the surface into bamboo powder and bamboo stick plant-like polymerization agent to make bamboo board materials.Widely used in construction, packaging, furniture, daily necessities and other fields.

    After searching, there is no useful technology for making products of pure natural bamboo powder.

The invention content

    The purpose of the invention is to provide a kind of bamboo powder product and its making method, which is used to form a rigid and solid product (such as various tableware) with certain shape through high temperature and high pressure of the mould.

The product technical scheme for realizing the invention is that the bamboo powder products include hard and solid products with certain shapes made by shaping method with bamboo powder as raw material.

The technical solution also includes the tableware with use function or viewing function.

The surface of the product is provided with a 3D three-dimensional relief pattern, on which the pattern is pasted with colored paper.

    The products include a rigid, solid product with a certain shape of bamboo powder raw material, and a gloss powder coating is arranged on the surface of the product.