What Kind Of Child Sucker Cup Is Good

- May 16, 2018-

The selection of material for children's straw cuphas become a problem for many parents. A good child sucker cup takes many factors into consideration.

Appearance, even color matching, etc., then how should we choose a qualified child sucker cup? The first thing to say about the material is the problem

The material of children's straw cup is mainly as follows:

PC: is now banned from use

Pp: safer than PC material

Pes: it is one of the few special engineering plastics currently applied, and is more secure than PP.

Tritan: the safest material inside the plastic, but it's not very good. The highest temperature is only 96 degrees.

TR55: compared with tritan material, the maximum temperature resistance is 135.

Shape, choose interesting color, and choose a warm one. At least it looks comfortable, and not too much on the bottle.

Spray painting, too much baby contact is also harmful to the body, and the straw must be silicone qualified.


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