What's Is Tritan Material ?

- Feb 10, 2017-

Tritan ™ by the us Food and drug administration, FDA certification (the Food Contact Notification (FCN) No. 729), baby products to Europe and the specified material.
China had not for the material of FRP products is in line with the food grade test standards, general reference polycarbonate PC material of GB 14942-14942 FRP products.
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1) does not contain BPA.
Tritan ™ in polymerization process with no chemical composition, in use process will not release the BPA, accord with environmental protection requirement and the FDA.
2.) crystal clear
Light transmittance > 90%, the haze < 1%, with crystalline luster.
3). Excellent impact strength
No notched impact continuously, has notched impact strength on the basis of different grades between 650-980 - j/m, comparable to the impact strength of PC.
4). Excellent chemical resistance, hydrolysis resistance
Tritan ™ can resist detergent, detergent, hydrocarbon solvents, oils, such as perfume corrosion;Can hydrolysis resistance in hot and humid environment.
5) high temperature resistant
Low thermal deformation temperature (HDT @ 0.455 MPa) according to different grades between 94  to 109 .
6) good liquidity
Test conditions in 2.16 KGF pressure, melt temperature of 280 , melting means (MI) according to different grades between 15.3 to 29.5.
7). Forming easily
Tritan ™ brand available injection (injection), extrusion, extrusion, extrusion blow (EBM), injection blow (isbn) of various methods, such as processing.In general, use PC can normal production mold, do not need to change available Tritan ™ to production, production cycle time is very close.
8). Easy to secondary processing
Tritan ™ can be applied to the secondary processing methods include UV glue bonding, ultrasonic welding, surface printing, spray painting, surface vacuum plating, etc.
9.) products residual stress is small.
Residual stress after injection molding, product is smaller than a PC, no subsequent annealing treatment.Products in use process due to the less chance of residual stress cracking, so Tritan ™ manufactured products more durable