What's The Good Of The Insulation Cup?

- Jun 03, 2018-

In view of the current market of cup and kettle, the inside of the thermos cup is mainly made of glass, magnetization, stainless steel, ceramics and so on, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. Next, let's introduce the material types of the common thermos cups, and analyze what kind of thermos cups drink the best.

One, ceramic insulation Cup

With the development of cheap plastic cups and metal cups, the number of ceramic cups has declined with the development of cheap plastic cups and metal cups, but the comparison between ceramic cups and plastic cups and metal cups is the healthiest.

1, compared with plastic cups, ceramic cups are less harmful gas and substances caused by plastic cups. Experts have confirmed that long-term use of plastic cups may cause cancer.

2, ceramic cup is completely harmless, it will not be like metal cup, long-term use will have the possibility of ingestion of harmful metals.

3. Because of the existence of ceramic cup, the iron water does not contact with the carbon brick directly. From the structure design, the destruction of the penetration, erosion and erosion of the hot metal and alkaline material to the carbon brick is relieved, and the mullite, Zong Gangyu and so on are the advanced ceramic materials with low thermal conductivity. It has high erosion resistance and anti scour resistance. The embrittlement layer of large carbon brick is eliminated.

4, increasing the temperature of the molten iron and reducing the heat loss: the ceramic cup is made up of a material with low thermal conductivity of the specific carbon brick, which plays the role of the partition, thus reducing the heat loss through the hearth and the hearth. Correspondingly, hot metal can maintain a higher temperature, creating a good energy saving condition for converter production in the next step.

5, easy to rewind operation: due to the heat insulation effect of ceramic cup, the heat loss during blast furnace downwind is reduced, which is conducive to normal operation during rewind.

6, to prevent the leakage of molten iron: as the temperature line of the centigrade isotherm, that is, the iron condensation line is close to the inner surface of the lining, the seam is narrowed because the expansion of the refractories is slightly bulging, so the permeability of the molten iron is limited so that the danger of the burning of the hearth is minimized.

Two: stainless steel insulation Cup

The stainless steel which is truly qualified and does not have any adverse effects on the human body should be a food grade 304 stainless steel, which is clearly pointed out by the relevant national standards. Because of the iron element contained in stainless steel, it is also the trace element that we need to take every day. The stainless steel cup belongs to the alloy metal products. According to the different uses, the metal elements of this cup are different. The common metal elements include iron, silicon, carbon, aluminum and so on. These elements are not available to us by other cups. It can not only keep warm, but also keep cold. It is also very convenient to use in daily life.

The shortcomings of stainless steel vacuum cups are shown in the following aspects: stainless steel vacuum cups are not suitable for brewing tea and coffee. Because tea is soaked in warm water in warm cup for a long time, like mild fried egg, the tea polyphenols and tannin in tea will be leached in a large amount. It is a heavy color and bitter taste of tea. Also, because the water in the thermos cup will keep high water temperature, the aromatic oil in the tea will volatilize quickly and reduce the scent of tea. The most serious point is that vitamin C and other nutrients in tea will be destroyed when the water temperature exceeds 80 degrees, and the health function of tea should be lost.

In addition, because the stainless steel is a metal compound, the material is more active, the production process is unavoidable to appear some impurities, the amount of these impurities will be a bit harmful to the human body. In addition, some poor stainless steel thermos cups will inevitably appear on the market, and such thermal insulation cups can not guarantee whether they are equally safe.

Three. Glass insulation Cup

Glass insulation Cup, healthy but not prevent fall. The reason why glass insulation cup is safer because glass is made of inorganic silicate, is a very stable material, which is the production process contains many bad impurities and will not be leaked out. And glass is easy to clean, so glass is the most safe. However, glass tea sets are fragile, so it's not convenient to use them.

Four, purple sand heat preservation cup

It not only has the basic function of stainless steel insulation Cup, but also can make tea. It has a good health care and conditioning effect. It is a very good choice to use water to make tea or to give gifts to friends and friends.

Regular manufacturers of purple sand insulation Cup, the inner common use of pure natural pure natural purple sand Seiko developed, the shell is usually anti - wrestling, anti - knock stainless steel materials. Purple sand insulation cup and stainless steel insulation cup is different, the purple sand insulation cup can be used to make tea, and the cup can also absorb tea juice, after a period of use, it can also increase the "rust", so that the heat preservation cup even into the boiling water also has tea. In addition, the cold and hot hot change of the purple sand cup is adaptable, no matter the cold winter, the hot summer, and the hot summer, after the injection of boiling water, will not cause expansion cracking because of the temperature change, and sand heat insulation cup is slow heat transfer, not hot.

The purple sand vacuum cup is the same as the purple sand pot. It can be used to make tea taste strong and fragrant. It can not be compared to any other tea set, even if it is hot summer, it can also keep the flavor unchanged for several days. If the purple sand cup is used for a long time, not only does the purple sand cup do not wear and scratch, but on the contrary, it will become smooth and smooth because it absorbs the tea oil in the tea soup. Many kinds of minerals and trace elements in purple mud have health effects on the human body. The purple sand cup is practical and generous, elegant in shape, integrated in practicality and decoration. It is an elegant gift and is worth collecting forever.

Five, plastic insulation Cup

Usually the plastic insulation cups sold on the market are all