Which Glass And Plastic Cup Is Good? Drinking Water With A Plastic Cup Is Good Or A Glass.

- Oct 26, 2019-

Drinking water with plastic cups should not be hot

The plastic cup is easy to use and not afraid of falling. It is very popular among young people, but it is not known that this plastic cup is not suitable for boiling water.

Plastic cups are often added with plasticizers, which contain some toxic chemicals. When using hot water or boiling water in plastic cups, toxic chemicals are easily diluted into water, and the internal microstructure of plastics has many pores. It hides dirt, and it is easy to kill bacteria when it is not cleaned.

In addition to some chemical substances, plastic cups are also prone to bacteria. Although the plastic surface appears to be smooth, there are actually many voids that are easy to hide. Many people wash the cups mostly with water, and the cups are not thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Experts recommend that it is best to use a glass and wash it every day. It is best to use detergent and rinse with hot water. If you really like plastic cups, you must choose a cup made of food grade plastics that meets national standards, and plastic cups are best not to use boiling water to make tea. Generally, it is only suitable for warm water.

Drinking water with glass is the safest. Beware of crystal cups.

The preferred cup for drinking water should be a glass.

In addition to the transparent appearance of the glass, the glass does not contain organic chemicals during the firing process. When people drink glass or other drinks with glasses, they don't have to worry about the chemicals being drunk. Moreover, the glass surface is smooth and easy to clean. Bacteria and dirt are not easy to be born on the cup wall, so it is the healthiest and safest to drink with a glass. And in all the cups of the material, the glass is the healthiest. However, when purchasing a glass, be sure to know how to distinguish between the glass and the crystal cup, so that you can choose the glass that is really suitable for drinking.

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