Will Boiling Water From Plastic Cups Harm The Human Body?

- Sep 15, 2018-

Long-term use of plastic cups is harmful to the body, plasticizers are often added to plastics, which contain some toxic chemicals. When plastics cups are filled with hot water or boiled water, toxic chemicals can easily be diluted into the water, and the internal microstructure of plastics has many pores, which hide dirt. If it is not clean, it will easily breed bacteria.

First, you need to look at the number at the bottom of the plastic teacup. The plastic ingredients are as follows: (According to the plastic ingredients to determine whether there is any harm to the body)

No. 1 PET polyethylene terephthalate grease: heat-resistant to 70 C easy deformation, there are harmful substances to the human body melt out. After 1 months of plastic products, 10 months later, the carcinogen DEHP may be released.

2 HDPE HDPE: used for storage containers and other items. Cleaning is not thorough, do not recycle.

3 PVC polyvinyl chloride: it can only be heat-resistant 81 degrees.

No. 4 PE polyethylene: harmful substances are produced in high temperature. Toxic substances may cause breast cancer, congenital defects of newborns and other diseases when they enter the human body with food.

Polypropylene PP 5: melting point up to 167 C, reusable

No. 6 PS polystyrene: chemicals released from high temperatures.

7 other PC: it is easy to release toxic bisphenol A, which is harmful to the human body. Do not heat when used.

Secondly, if you like tea, suggest using other cups, such as:

Pottery tea set

Porcelain tea set

Glass tea set

Finally, the use of plastic tea cups often have a bad smell, hot water tea on the taste of tea has an impact, it is not suitable for good tea.