You Don't Know The Cup Professional Knowledge

- Jun 03, 2018-

Plastic cup: choice of edible grade plastic

Plastic cups are loved by many people because of their changeable shapes, bright colors, and no fear of falling. They are very suitable for outdoor users and office workers.

You don't know the cup professional knowledge

Cup for lovers

Use. Generally speaking, the bottom of the plastic cup is marked with the number on the small triangle. The common is "05", which represents the material of the cup is PP (polypropylene). The glass of PP has good heat resistance, the melting point is 170 C ~172 C, and the chemical properties are also stable. Besides the ability to be eroded by concentrated sulfuric acid and concentrated nitric acid, the other chemical reagents are more stable. But the problem of ordinary plastic cups is very common. Plastic is a polymer chemical material, with a plastic cup of hot water or water, polymer is easy to precipitate and dissolve into the water, after drinking it is harmful to the health of the human body. Moreover, there are many pores in the inner microstructure of plastics, which hide dirt. If they are not cleaned, they will breed bacteria. So choosing plastic cups is very important for plastic material selection. We must select edible grade plastics that meet national standards. It's PP material.

You don't know the cup professional knowledge

Ceramic cup: the choice of underglaze color

Colorful pottery cups are very pleasing, but in fact, there are huge hidden dangers in those bright colors. The inner wall of a cheap color ceramic cup is usually coated with a layer of glaze. When the glass of the glaze is filled with water or acid and alkaline high beverage, some aluminum and other heavy metals in the glaze can easily precipitate into the liquid. At this time, people drink into the liquid with chemical substances and the human body will be hurt. The best use of ceramic cups, if you can not resist the temptation of color, to touch the color surface, if the surface smooth, it is underglaze color or glaze in the color, relatively safe; if uneven, with nail cutting will appear shedding phenomenon, it is the glaze color, it is best not to buy.

You don't know the cup professional knowledge

Paper cup: a disposable paper cup should be used less

At present, almost every family and unit will prepare a disposable toilet paper cup. One person uses it, throws it out, and it is convenient, but a common cup has hidden many problems. There are three kinds of paper cups in the market: the first is made of white cardboard, not water and oil. The second is wax coated paper cups. As long as the water temperature exceeds 40 degrees, the wax will melt and release carcinogenic substances. The third kind is a paper plastic cup. If the material is not good or the processing technology is not passed, the cracking change will be produced in the process of hot melting or smearing to the paper cup, which produces carcinogens. To increase the toughness and stiffness of cups, plasticizers are added to the paper cups. If the dosage is too large or the illegal plasticizer is used, the hygienic condition is difficult to guarantee.

You don't know the cup professional knowledge

Glass: practical safety and explosion prevention

The best choice for drinking glasses should be glass, especially office and family users. Glass is not only a good looking, but also the most healthy and safe glass in all materials. The glass is made of inorganic silicate, which does not contain organic chemicals during the burning process. When people drink water or other drinks in a glass, they do not have to worry about the chemicals being drunk into the stomach; and the glass surface is smooth and easy to wash. Bacteria and dirt are not easy to breed in the cup wall, so people use glass. Glass drinking water is the most healthy and safest. The only thing to note is that the glass is most afraid of heat expansion and cold contraction. The glass with too low temperature should not be heated immediately to prevent burst.

You don't know the cup professional knowledge

Stainless steel cup: do not have acid drinks

The advantages of stainless steel cups are sturdy, rust proof and corrosion resistant. But the stainless steel cup belongs to the alloy products, which contains more heavy metals such as nickel, chromium, manganese and so on. If it is not used properly, these heavy metals can be easily released and harm health. Therefore, in daily use, be careful not to use acid drinks in stainless steel cups, such as juice, coffee, carbonated drinks, etc., and no long time to hold soy, vinegar, soup, tea, etc. because the electrolytes in these foods may react with heavy metals in stainless steel, causing heavy metal substances to be precipitated. . When washing stainless steel cups, do not use strong alkaline or strong oxidizing chemicals such as soda, bleaching powder, etc. these substances are also easy to react with stainless steel.