Tritan Protein Shaker Water Bottle With Screw Cap

Product Features: 1.BPA Free tritan material heat resistant 2.Double screw cove cap to leakproof 3.Plastic shell insulation and shatter-proof

Product Details

Product information:

   700ml BPA Free Tritan Plastic Sport Water Bottle with Screw Cap ,a shaker ball is used to beat the protein powder evenly.The crash-proof enclosure surrounds sports water bottle body. 

    Inside the bottle is a plastic shake ball, which will help you mix the protein powder quickly and evenly when you make it.

    The inner tank is made of tritan material, which will not produce harmful substances in contact with hot water.

    Water bottles are surrounded by protective sidebars made of AS, which can prevent water bottles from being broken.

    There is no possibility that the screw cap will leak,and the lid is attached to the handle. It doesn't get lost or fall off. The lid is also a handle.

    This water cup is beautiful in color and thoughtful in design,it's specially designed for people who work out.

    We are a company with six years of foreign trade experience, we can provide you with high quality service, and we are your reliable trading partner in China.For you to stand at the forefront of the production line, control quality, improve quality

Product Detail

Bottle Capacity:700ml 



Main material:Plastic Tritan+AS

Color:Pantone No. or Color Sample (every color is available)







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